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A Painted Chandelier

When I found out Briggs was a boy, I knew I had to have a blue chandelier in his nursery. That’s how I had always envisioned it. I looked online, but like it so often happens, I had an exact picture of what I wanted in my mind and could not find it anywhere. So I decided to make it! I went hunting for an old brass chandelier. I went so many places and I finally found one that was the perfect size. I found it at (where else) ReStore.

The first thing I did was paint it blue.

I added white lampshades.

I bought a white ceiling medallion and also painted it blue, but exposed some of the white to give it a “worn” look.

My husband mounted the medallion and hung the chandelier (poor guy….it was a really hard fixture to hang and required multiple trips to Home Depot.)

It’s my favorite part of his room!

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  1. Jessica says:

    LOVVVEEEE this!!!!!!!!! love love love

  2. Courtney says:

    Thanks!!! Wait…aren't you on your way to AFRICA right now?!?! 🙂 Have so much fun!

  3. Could you tell me what kind of paint you use? Spray, latex, enamel, etc. and also what finish…flat, eggshell…? Thanks!


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