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Secret "Treasure" at Michaels

I have a confession: I am addicted to the $1 bin at Michaels. Aside from DIY projects, I would not exactly call myself “good” at finding deals. I am usually the girl who buys something and hears the next week that it’s 50% off. (But I am getting better at it!)
There is just something about that dollar bin at Michaels that draws me in…and I ALWAYS find something! I found the following pictures last summer. Each picture is printed on a small canvas and only cost $1. I put this cute collection together on the wall in Briggs’ bathroom.

I found the following adorable gift tags there. The green pattern has a very cute, preppy feel to it.

These sweet little note cards by Shabby Chic double as place cards at a dinner party….and yup, only a dollar for a pack.

It is so exciting to find such an unexpected little treasure…and at a great price!

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