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Framed Feed Sack

I was searching high and low for an old feed sack. One day, when I stopped into one of my favorite thrift stores to burn a little time, I asked the owner if he had any. I expected him to say no, but he walked right over to a booth and casually pulled out an old sack printed with “Spanish Shelled Peanuts.”

I had to mentally yell at myself to calm down so that he would not jack the price up.

I bought it, and in the same trip, I purchased a Syroco framed mirror. I took the frame off of the mirror, painted it white, and gave it some antiquing. I then “framed” the feed sack.

It’s hanging in my kitchen!

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  1. I love the detail on that frame. I am a total frame girl! Andrea @ townandprairie

  2. Thanks, Andrea!

  3. Pia @Jello says:

    great look! i just did the same thing yesterday and love it!!

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