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A "Cute" Tailgate

our Alma mater…ECU!

It’s football season….officially. Tonight, I lost my husband to the man cave. Who knows HOW long he’ll be there? šŸ™‚ But along with distracted husbands, football season does bring lots of fun things…like parties and tailgates!

I was planning for our “tailgates” this year (aka sitting in our living room with our friends who also have a toddler) and was playing with my purple and gold party supplies (Go Pirates!)

I came up with this little treat!

I used purple gumballs and yellow candy (Lemonheads….all left over from Candyland) and put them in a vase. I added a little “Pirate” ribbon (which is everywhere now with Halloween) and voila! The perfect “Purple and Gold” addition to a tailgate. Just because it’s based around football doesn’t mean it can’t be at least a little cute…. šŸ™‚

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  1. I love football! And I love that treat!

  2. Adorable Court! Time for you to host a pirate football game!! šŸ™‚

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