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Organize Coupons

How many expired coupons have you thrown away recently? Honestly?

I’ve thrown away so many coupons lately it’s sad. And I don’t mean the “coupon for that random bagel place I’ll never try,” but coupons for products I actually use. That’s bad.

With all of the “coupon mania” craze, I started to save some coupons pretty regularly. I think maybe last month I used one at Michael’s….

My trash can is full of them.

I tried the binder full of baseball-card-sized organizers that the “experts” use, but I just had really organized trash. Enough is enough, so I came up with this idea for the “Occasional Couponer.”
I used painter’s tape to mark a large area on a storage bin. I painted the area with chalkboard paint.

Every time I put a coupon in, I write the name of the store or product it’s used for in chalk. I put it in my kitchen (the place where I am most commonly found in my home) and I wind up noticing what coupons I have almost every day. As an added bonus, the chalkboard space isn’t big enough to hold endless names, so I actually toss or give away the ones I know I won’t use.

This is so much more realistic for me. I hope you find it useful as well. 🙂

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