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Halloween Party: Costumes and Cocktails

This weekend, we had our “Costumes and Cocktails” party. We had an unbelievably great time! Little Briggs went to visit his grandmother for the night, so we were having a “fun night” with our friends. We decorated our house and kept the lights dim to create a “Haunted House” vibe.
Bat cutouts, crepe paper, spider webs, and orange lighting created a “bat cave” out of the hallway off of our front entry.
Some of the girls before all of the guests arrived (from left: Jenny, me, Melissa, Misty, and Tasha.)
How CLEVER is this costume?!? They were “Peeping Tom,” complete with a window and everything!
Quite possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen. This “Bun Baker” used the costume party as an opportunity to let all of us know that the stork would be once again visiting our street. Everyone stopped to read her apron and said “wait…..” followed by a squeal. HANDS DOWN greatest way to let people know!
The classic angel and devil with a twist-she is the devil and he the angel. Love it.
Spartans cheerleaders from Saturday Night Live! (And she MADE these costumes….can you believe it?!?)

Mad Scientist came in with a FABULOUS entry and these costumes were so realistic!

We were the “Leg Lamp” and the “Fragile Box” from A Christmas Story.
Somewhere along the night, the alien “statue” got a makeover.

My mother lent me these fabulous aliens…they are huge! My husband put purple lights under one of them and the eyes were literally glowing. (Bad picture, but it was dark.)

Meringue ghosts (my mother made these and cake pops for my party…she is my “go-to” person for desserts!)

White lunch bags turned into ghosts lining the staircase. These detail shots are during the day (when there was better lighting) but glow sticks illuminated them at night.

Cake pops!

Crows were popping up all over the house. They look slightly disheveled (the one on the left is even missing a leg) because Briggs finds them fascinating and has carried them around the house all season.

I dyed this cheesecloth with black dye and got this gray, tattered looking cloth that was perfect for the staircase.

Even poor little Topper was exhausted by the end of the party.

We had such an amazing time. Thank you so much to all of our guests for coming!


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  1. Loved the comment about Briggs carrying the crows around the house…haha!

  2. I absolutely love it!! I would love to be friends with you, looks like a great party.

  3. looks like it was a fun party!!! awesome pics! 🙂

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