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Haunted Houses in the South

I don’t watch scary movies and I don’t go to haunted houses. However, there is nothing like a ghost story close to Halloween. The South is rich with history and along with history comes fabulous chilling tales-perfect for this time of year! I happened to be looking at the “South’s Best Ghost Tours” in Southern Living and thought I’d share some of them with you!

The Myrtles Plantation’s Mystery Tours, St. Francisville, LA
via Southern Living
This 1796 home is haunted by at least seven ghostly guests. One of the spirit residents is Chloe, a servant who (the legend says) was the mistress of the home’s owner. She got mad at him after he cut off her ear, so she baked a poisonous birthday cake that killed his wife and two children, for which she was hanged. The home is now a bed-and-breakfast, and several guests have reported seeing Chloe wandering around, looking for her missing ear. The home is open for historical tours 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily, but things get really spooky during Friday and Saturday night “mystery tours” and this month’s Myrtles Halloween Experience, October 28–31. or 225/635-6277

Tara Tours’ Haunted Irish Pub & Ghost Tour, Savannah, GA
via Southern Living
Thanks to Savannah’s open container laws, you can sip on brews and juleps as you walk the streets and hear ghostly tales. Tour guide Tara Ryan takes visitors to such haunted drinking establishments as the 17Hundred90 Restaurant & Inn (home to a reported six spooks), as well as a few historical places, including a house once owned by her great-great-granddaddy, William Kehoe. The tour ends at the Moon River Brewing Company. The brewery building once housed yellow fever victims, and some say their spirits walk among the hops-and-yeast spirits now made there.

The Grove Park Inn, Asheville, NC
via Southern Living

In the 1920s a woman wearing a flowing pink gown fell (or was pushed) to her death from a balcony. Since then, the Pink Lady has often been seen by guests roaming the halls.

Who knows if these places are really haunted or not? Either way, it’s fun to hear about them at Halloween!

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  1. Town and Country Gals says:

    Love the scary ghost stories of haunted places!
    I lived in an old house in the country outside Concord NC for 10 years that was haunted but not scary. We loved it there and had some interesting experiances! I'm visiting from Erin at Salvaged Whimsy, congrats on getting the versitle blogger award! Love your blog, am your newest follower and will be back often!

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