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Scary Meets Preppy Chandelier

When decorating for the holidays, simple things like a chandelier often get overlooked. Perhaps that’s why “dressing it up” makes such a big statement.

I was searching for some inspiration for how to decorate my chandelier for Halloween, when I unpacked these hideous skeletons I found at the Dollar Store last year. And jaaaaaackpot…I knew exactly what to do.

I gave the ugly skeletons a new look with a coat of black spray paint. (See, everyone looks chic in black.)

I tied ribbons in black, white, and shades of orange all over the chandelier. I stuck ribbon onto two glitter covered skulls (also from Dollar Store) and tied them on as well.

The resulting look is eclectic and unique-perfect for hosting a Halloween party!

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  1. Nicole Nesheim says:

    Cute! I have spiders hanging from mine 🙂

  2. Courtney-
    This is so cute! I wish I had a chandelier to hang my ugly skeletons from. I think I am going to use them on my fence out front.


  3. Lindsay {Easy Made Invitations} says:

    Super cute idea! I always forget about my chandeliers while decorating!

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