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Fall and Winter Vase Fillers

It amazes me how simple things found in nature (like beans, cranberries, and pine cones) become as beautiful as floral arrangements when filling vases and apothecary jars. (Truthfully, I often prefer decorating a table this way.)

At A Pop of Pretty, the creative layering of beans in complementary colors is simple and beautiful.

At DG Style:

Pottery Barn:

And this picture just doesn’t do these mirrored glass balls from Michaels any justice. I saw these in person….they are gorgeous and super sparkly.

From Michaels:

This holiday season, get inspired. Look for items found in nature and craft stores that you find beautiful and are small enough to be put into glass vessels.

Tips for creating a “wow” display:

-Pick a “theme”-whether it is “nature inspired” and you choose acorns and pine cones or “sparkly” and you choose ornaments and glittering stars, make sure you love the look you are creating. Anything goes with this!

-Group the filled vases and jars together to make a statement. They will look beautiful on a dining table, side buffet, coffee table, kitchen counter….you name it. Don’t hesitate to add other things to the display (like the tiny Christmas tree in the Pottery Barn picture above.)

-Choose a few colors that complement each other.

-Choose a variety of sizes. We instantly think of “very small” objects only when thinking of vase fillers, but my rule of thumb is, if you can comfortably fit at least three, it looks great. For bigger objects, try to stick with an odd number (it’s more pleasing to the eye.) Check out my “Skulls in a Jar” from Halloween below:

    The choices are endless and there are no “rules” here….have fun with it!

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    1. Pretty cool vase filler ideas, I like especially the first one with different layers. Could you confide some ideas for decorating vases in the spring and/or in the summer? Thanks!


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