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The Cutest Christmas Cookie Swap You Ever Did See

The Cutest Christmas Cookie Swap You Ever Did See

A good friend of mine hosted a Christmas Cookie Swap for our group of friends. While it was traditional in that we each baked one type of cookie and brought enough for each attendee, there was a quirky spin-the hostess would be giving out awards for Best Packaging, First to RSVP, Most Unique Cookie, Cutest Apron, and the big one-Miss Gingerbread Golden Spatula. It was hilarious and so much fun….I just had to share it with you all!

I baked Lemon Lime Crackle Cookies. (Click the link to see the recipe.) They were good, but a bit of a pain to make. When you are baking that many cookies, the dough is hard to work with. I aimed for 156 cookies so each person would get 12, and after HOURS of baking I gave up and decided 6 per girl would suffice.

This is a snippet of my kitchen while the craziness was going on. Everything was covered in powdered sugar…even the dog.

My little taste tester (tasting his first “official” Christmas cookie ever.)

It was well received.
I packaged my cookies by stacking 6 cookies and wrapping them first in a green polka dot napkin for a whimsical pop of color and again with clear cellophane wrap. I tied the ends with red curling ribbon for a festive touch.
Some of the yummy cookies and cute packaging….

We all had so much fun! And yes, everyone wore their aprons.
Look at little “Miss Gingerbread” holding her Golden Spatula (seated on the ottoman.) The game is ON for next year, missy. 🙂
A huge thank you to Jackie for hosting the party-I haven’t laughed so hard in forever, and there is nothing that puts you in the Christmas spirit like having a good time with great friends.

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  1. Coleen Bunton says:

    My mom used to have cookie swaps every year when i was younger! I love them! I've never known someone else that did/went to them! I don't know enough people that would actually do the work to make that many cookies or I would have one too! I'm glad you had such a great time!

  2. Thanks Coleen!! You should have one-I bet you'd be surprised at how many people would do it!!!

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