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Lollipop Tutorial-Candyland Birthday Party

Lollipop Tutorial-Candyland Birthday Party

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I have received several requests and e-mails asking how to make the giant Candyland lollipops I made for B’s Candyland First Birthday Party.  I finally made the tutorial!  Here it is, step by step, complete with pictures.

Tools for one “Lollipop”:

  • Hot glue gun
  • Spray Adhesive (found mine in a craft store)
  •  Red Duct Tape (found mine at an office supply store)
  • White Poster Board
  • Tissue Paper in 3 different bright colors (found mine at Dollar Store)
  • Clear cellophane wrap (found mine at Dollar Store)
  • Ribbon
  • Clear Fishing Line
  • 2 Thin Wooden Dowels (Mine were 1/4″ thick and 36″ tall from a craft store)
  • White Craft Paper
  • Scotch Tape
  • Wooden Monogram (
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Twine

Draw (freehand-having the shape NOT be perfect is part of the charm) a large circle onto the poster board.  This is the shape of your “lollipop.”

Starting with one corner, lift the tissue paper and fold it over.

 Repeat the fold (folding about 1-2 inches of paper) in the same direction.  Repeat this until you have folded the entire sheet.

With a pencil, draw a dot in the center of the circle.

Spray some of the glue adhesive onto the center dot.  Let it set for about thirty seconds to get tacky.  Choose the first color of folded tissue paper and press the end down to the glue.  While holding the tissue paper in place to dry a few seconds, slowly spray some of the spray adhesive onto the poster board in the pattern you would like the tissue paper to go (a swirl, in this case.)

Gently press the tissue paper along the adhesive.

This is what your first piece will look like.  Continue to spray adhesive and add the same color tissue paper to finish the swirl.

Spray adhesive onto the center (this time, you will be spraying onto the first color of tissue paper-that’s ok!)  Take a second color of tissue paper (in this case, red) and repeat the steps.


Add a third color in the same manner.  It will be a tight fit, but that’s fine.  (In this case, pink was the third color.)

If you see some poster board showing like you do in the photo below, just spray it with the adhesive and add more tissue paper.

The next step is to mold the swirls into the exact shape you want them.  First, lightly spray the entire front of the lollipop (directly onto the tissue paper) with the glue adhesive.  Push down any tissue paper pieces that have lifted up, and readjust the swirls into the places you want them.  Warning:  this part is messy.   You will notice in all of the following photos my fingers are covered in glue.  Definitely don’t do this project with a fresh manicure.

While the lollipop is drying, unroll the cellophane paper completely off of the roll.  This “wrapping paper roll” will serve as your lollipop stick.  Unfortunately, this is where I ran into a snafu.  The first time I made these lollipops, the cellophane came on a white roll….perfect for a “lollipop stick.”  This time…the roll was brown.  🙁  Who has ever seen a swirly lollipop with a brown stick?!?  So, if this happens to you, follow the next few steps to cover the roll.  If you happen to get a white roll, consider yourself lucky.  🙂

To cover the roll:  cut white craft paper to fit the roll.  Spray the roll with glue adhesive and wrap in craft paper.  Tape the paper for added holding power.

Starting with one end of the roll, begin applying the red duct tape.  Wrap it down the entire roll in a diagonal direction (forming a “candycane” look.)


Once the “lollipop” is dry,  flip it over so that you are looking at the blank side.  Apply hot glue to the bottom of the circle, and press one end of the “lollipop stick” into the glue.  Let glue dry, and add some duct tape for reinforcment.

Next, break one of the dowels in half.  Hot glue the halves into a cross shape on the back to make sure your lollipop doesn’t flop over.

Next, lay the “lollipop” on top of one end of the cellophane.

Fold the cellophane over the front of the “lollipop.”  Cut the cellophane where you would like the “wrapper” to end.

Keeping the cellophane in place, run hot glue along the two sides of the “wrapper” so that they are securely closed.

Gather the bottom of the cellophane into a bunch, and tie into place with twine.  Tie decorative ribbon into a bow over the twine and voila!  Cute lollipop.

To add a monogram to the lollipop:

Tie clear fishing line onto the top of the wooden monogram.  Postion the monogram on the face of the “lollipop.”

Pull the fishing line over the top of the lollipop and being hot gluing it to the back (as close as possible to the dowel that is supporting it.  See picture below: fishing line runs along the vertical dowel.)

Hot glue the fishing line to the top of the “lollipop stick.”

Take the loose ends of the fishing line and tie it around the stick. (For added security.)

I added a little extra hot glue to make sure this baby wasn’t budging.

Push the other dowel into the ground.  Slide the “lollipop stick” onto the dowel and……..


For a “Candyland Birthday Party,” make several of these lollipops in a variety of sizes.  This is the perfect spot for a birthday boy/girl to take pictures!  (Added cuteness factor:  ask a friend to snap a picture of the mini guests individually in front of the lollipops.  Send the picture with the thank you card!) Pin It

So sweet.

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  1. So, so COOL, Court! I love this idea!!!

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