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Make a Growth Chart….because they’re getting taller by the second

Make a Growth Chart….because they’re getting taller by the second

The other day, little B reached up onto the counter and pulled down a tray that I had pushed back into his “no reach” zone.  Argh…he must’ve grown overnight and now I’m going to need to find a new spot for those very tempting, breakable objects.  And then it hit me…he was getting taller and I wasn’t keeping track of it.  How could I not have been marking his height on the wall like my mother had marked ours for so long?!?  I remember pressing myself eagerly against the wall, trying so hard to make myself just a bit taller.  I’d proudly step away to observe the fresh ink spot my mother drew to show my height.  (It became a mini competition between my brother and I.)

It was time for a growth chart.

Being a sentimentalist, I know that when the day comes for our family to move I will want to bring the reminder of B’s growth with me.  So, I got a little creative.

I started with a cut piece of 1/4″ inch scrap wood I had.  (You can go to your local Home Depot or Lowes and have some cut for you.)

I painted it a robin’s egg blue (OF COURSE!)  After the paint dried, I watered down some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Pure White and roughly brushed some overtop to create a “whitewashed” look over the blue.

(My inspiration for this came from this old photo I had been saving:)

photo via Apartment Therapy

I wrote his name at the top in white paint marker and my husband screwed it to the side of the old shelf in our kitchen.  Now, it was time for our first “official” measurement.

(No matter what we do, both dogs MUST be right there with us.  Note in the picture below, every single one of us is crammed into the same corner of our kitchen for this event.  Nice.)


A whopping 34 1/2″!!  Thank goodness we started!  I marked it with white paint marker and wrote the date and height in pen.

I’d like to pretend my little boy will be so tiny forever.  But I know there will come a day I look back at the first little mark…and I won’t believe how tiny he was.

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