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A Bit of Craziness

A Bit of Craziness

Life has been a little chaotic at CLN.  Little B is growing like crazy!  He says so many things.  One of my favorite things is when he sits down to have a “conversation” with me.  In these two following photos, he plopped himself down in my office and we sat there, having a “conversation” (i.e. he says a bunch of made up words and I respond.)  This can go on for quite a while, but we both thoroughly enjoy it.

 I’ve also been in my “home projects mood.”  Though Mr. CLN isn’t the biggest fan of home improvement projects, he has been quite a trooper.  🙂  It’s probably easier with his little helper (look toward the bottom of the picture.)  B hit things with a plastic hammer yelling “Daddyyyyy!” for a week straight.  He was fascinated by the events.



Stayed tuned to see the results of our hard work over the past few weeks!


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