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DIY French Country Chandelier

DIY French Country Chandelier

When we moved into our home, I knew there were some things I wanted to change.  For instance: this builder standard light fixture.

I mean, it was ok…at some point I actually liked it.  It was just…so…standard? I certainly didn’t love it and therefore, it had to go.  So, I hunted for a replacement.  I found this old thing at the ReStore (for $5) and decided to give it new life by sprucing it up (similar to my nursery chandelier.)

I bought a ceiling medallion from a hardware store and the hubs put it up for me.  (Don’t you know he LOVED me taking pictures of him doing all of this?!?  In this picture, he literally was saying “WHAT are you doing?!?”  Taking his pic midsentence makes it look like he is happily smiling while putting it up, so I’ll go with that one instead.)

I gave the sad little chandelier new life with a few coats of white spray paint.  Mr. CLN hung it with help from his Mini Me.

And ta-daaaaa!

 I chose a white silk cord cover from Pottery Barn Kids for an elegant touch.  Pottery Barn (not PBK) also has cord covers, but only in ivory.  I needed a pure white.

I also went with the Universal Mini Shades from PBK.   Why?  They were less expensive than the ones at Pottery Barn, yet had the same look.

I’m all about contrasting features when it comes to decorating.  (Black counters with white cabinets, chippy white furniture with glamourous accessories…… the list could go on and on.)  In this case, I LOVE the simplicity of the plain ceiling medallion (the beaded edge gives it a bit of a “Cottage in the Hamptons” vibe) paired with the glamour of the silk, ruched cord cover. Mixing contrasts creates such an interesting look and gives it an elegant feel.


Also keeping the lampshades a simple, clean white lets the eye choose one place to rest.  One of the lights on the chandelier is a little cockeyed, but, eh, who cares.  It gives it character???  🙂

And of course, a new light fixture deserves an equally fresh centerpiece.  I put one of my moss wreaths at the base of a huge hurricane filled with hydrangeas, and fell in love instantly.

See?  It doesn’t need to cost you an arm and a leg to replace a light fixture…and you can make EXACTLY what you want.

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  1. What a beautiful redo! And I love your kitchen eating space…so clean! =) We are in the process of redoing ours as well, so I’m always looking for inspiration! Come on over and visit me at anytime…today I posted about a Dr. Suess Party I helped out with!
    -Shara @ Palmettos and Pigtails

  2. How was the ceiling medallion attached to the ceiling? I don’t see any screws is why I am asking.


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