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I Confess. I’m an Etsy Addict.

I Confess. I’m an Etsy Addict.

I have a confession.  Sometimes…at night…I lay in bed and shop on Etsy.  I know-it’s bad.  Ever since I uploaded the Etsy App on my iPhone, I simply can’t resist.  I’m addicted.

I am still shocked when people ask me what Etsy is.  If you, dear reader, are someone that falls into that group, read on.  (Actually…read on either way.) 🙂

 Etsy is a website full of “stores” in which different types of artisans sell their “creations.”  Imagine it as a virtual outdoor marketplace…it’s full of unique items and contact with the seller is very one-on-one.  Many people picture it to be like Ebay.  Yes, it’s online and you can pay with Paypal…that’s about where the similarity ends.  It’s not an auction site.

Why do I love it?  The people who sell on Etsy are fueled by a passion for what they sell…they aren’t necessarily motivated by profit.  Every single thing I have purchased on Etsy has been created and packaged with love.  In a world full of mass production and cost cutting, it is beyond refreshing to receive an item in which someone has gone the extra mile…and it’s still affordable.

Some of my recent finds…

These adorable starfish earrings at DevonBaerDesigns:

And this fabulous pink necklace from cuppacoffee:

If you have not been shopping at Etsy yet….pop over….I think you’ll like it.  And don’t forget to check my shop out.  🙂

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