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A Garland Advent Calendar

A Garland Advent Calendar

I remember the excitement I used to get from popping open the little cardboard door on my childhood advent calendar and discovering the candy surprise that awaited.  The little things like that are what create the “magic” of the holiday season for kids.  I wanted to recreate that magic for B in a creative way.

So, I got busy hunting for some cute bags on Etsy.  I came across these adorable polka dot bags, green tags, and red twine.

 I got busy, filling the bags with chocolate, then folding them into little envelopes.  I wrote the date on each tag.  I punched holes in each bag and secured the tag onto the bag with red twine.  I then hung more twine above our kitchen window and using white painted clothes pins, I hung each bag to the twine.  This created a “garland” effect, while keeping it out of reach of a sneaky two year old.  I love the way it turned out!



And clearly, so did B.  It was easy for him to rip the bag open.  When he did, he was ecstatic with what he saw.

Welcome, December!  Let the holiday fun begin!

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