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The Glassware That Took My Breath Away

The Glassware That Took My Breath Away

Ok, so maybe I am a little dramatic.  However, it did in fact happen-I found drinking glasses that were so, well, perfect, they took my breath away.

These are the drinking glasses our family has used for several years:

Don’t get me wrong, they were cute and I always liked the unique shape of them.  However, they were the most annoying glasses to wash in the dishwasher.  The shape of them never allowed water to run through properly and I wound up having to hand wash them all the time.  I was OVER it, and true to my typical obsessive fashion, I began my thorough hunt for the “perfect” drinking glass.

And low and behold…I found it…

These are the “Cobalt Charm” glass tumblers by Novica.  I’m obsessed.  And luckily, Santa got the memo.

The glasses are handmade and have every charming characteristic of Mexico’s blown glass artistry, down to the tiny bubbles in the glass and unique shape of each one.  The glasses are heavy and thick, and they will easily transition from a casual family dinner to a more formal affair.  I just had to share!

You can find them here.

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  1. How do I order the curved, clear glasses that have to be hand washed? I really want these!

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