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A Charming Little Christmas

A Charming Little Christmas

Noooo! It’s already done? I feel like Christmas music just came on the radio…and already…it is gone?!? Though it did feel fast, it was a beautiful holiday season. Allow me to bombard you with pictures of our family fun!

This little guy had quite the obsession with Christmas lights.  I loved to watch him stare at them…he was in complete awe.

B helped get the tree up and loved every second of it.

Cookies were made and held a captive audience the entire time they baked.

Santa was visited…shockingly B hopped right onto his lap! (Though his face looked quite uncertain the entire time.)

Christmas cards took the place of the bags on B’s advent calendar.

And of course, I covered the house in decorations.  (Check out these cute tags I found on Etsy-I tied them all over my Christmas tree!)

We made “Reindeer Food.”

We wrote a letter to Santa (it was very interesting.) 🙂


Spent lots of time looking for reindeer in the sky.

And of course….the monograms!


I hope you all had a very merry holiday!

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  1. Great pictures and wonderful memories forever.

  2. hollycrawford says:

    loooove the play kitchen! Do you mind sharing where you found it? We are on the hunt for one and i love the modern, realistic look! 🙂

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