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Big Boy Room: The Chippy Bookshelf

Big Boy Room: The Chippy Bookshelf


While scouring my favorite thrifting places for B’s big boy room, I stumbled upon the perfect bookshelf.  I wanted it to be:

1. Small-I wanted a bookshelf short enough for him to reach all of the books and make it easy to create a cozy reading nook.

2. Worn-I wanted this to be one of the places I brought in a worn, rugged look to contrast the clean, preppy vibe.

3. Simple-The lines needed to be simple to work with the tremendous amount of woodwork on the walls.

Of course, I found my little $15 gem at, where else…ReStore.  I cannot find the “before” picture to save my life, but it was pretty beaten up.  I cleaned it, taking care to preserve the old wood, and got to work with one of my favorite new mediums; Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint (in Grain Sack.)  I love how it turned out.  The milk paint soaked into the wood and flaked perfectly, achieving a naturally worn finish.  To get the milk paint, you can buy it here.

In homage to the name, I wanted to create a true “grain sack” vibe to the bookshelf.  After I painted it, I rubbed it with some dark wax.  I then painted a red stripe along the top and down the sides.  I hand painted B’s monogram on the side as a finishing touch.  Last, I sanded it for a little extra distressing.


I really liked the way the milk paint turned out.  It has a very authentic feel to it and the contrast with the shiny board and batten is JUST what I was going for.

I posted a picture with all of the available colors for you all just below.



mustard seed

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  1. What a fabulous little bookshelf!! I am already thinking about how perfect it would look in my son’s room… love the stripe and monogram. Pinning it!

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