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The Big Boy Room-A Crisp, Clean Style for A Special Little Boy

The Big Boy Room-A Crisp, Clean Style for A Special Little Boy

There comes a certain time that you just realize it is time for your sweet baby to get his or her big boy/girl bed.  That time came for B a few months back, and luckily for him, that meant he was also going to get a brand new “Big Boy Room.”  And so, mommy got to work.

I started by painting crisp navy and white stripes on the top half of his walls.  I then put board and batten in his room.  Yes, I did it.  Myself.  With a hammer and nails and wood.  I’m kind of proud.


I had a clear vision for his dresser.  I painted it yellow, then added navy and white stripes to the top.  I distressed it with a little sanding and dark wax.





IMG_5432For a very long time, I have debated over what to do with a very unique piece I once discovered in a tiny thrift shop.  It is the back of a pew from a very old local church that was demolished.  What is one to do with an old pew?  Turn it into a bow-tie holder, of course.



Next, I turned an old pub table we had into a child-size table that I painted to look like a distressed Union Jack.  It was just the right touch to bring an element of masculinity to the very preppy décor.



And…of course…a Southern Nest monogram.  You all know I have to have my monogram.  I put it up with no background at first and felt it needed more “oomph.”  So, I mounted it on a perfectly sized circle I had cut.  It turned out so jaw droppingly perfect, I am adding it to Southern Nest.


Here is the very proud big boy himself.  (Carrying a sash from one of my dresses that he uses as a cowboy lasso, typical.)




 I added his PBK sailboat mobile above his bed, and it was a perfect finishing touch.



 Tiny sailboats are propped on the board and batten shelf.




 There are so many projects that have gone into B’s room.  I will be detailing them over the next few posts….I was just so antsy to share the finished product with you!



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  1. You did an amazing job Courtney! His room is awesome and you are so creative. I’m impressed you did the walls I would never have the patience or skill. Briggs is lucky to have you as his mommy!

  2. cindy fisher says:

    I mean seriously? You did those walls yourself? I’m just doing spray paint myself. That’s amazing. I ADORE that circle monogram. I might want one for a family monogram (like me & my husband) for our upstairs hallway. Love the stamp monogram on side of bookshelf too. Great great job!!

  3. Goodness, this is a sweet room! Great job on the batten!! Our boys (8 & 5) share a room, and I’ve had such a time with figuring out what to do with it. This gives me some fresh inspiration. We even have the same PBK comforters on their beds. (LOVE PB!) Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wow–love it! so many wonderful touches, and just the right balance of fun for kids and appealing to grown-ups

  5. Hi Courtney, I loved seeing this post! I do I Heart Naptime’s Top 20 each week and you’ll be featured this week! 🙂 I too am working on a Big Boy Room for my son and I just love that initials sign you did for him…I’m big into initials and monograms too and I was curious how much something like that would cost and how I could order it from you. We’re doing a navy blue, white, red, and teal bedroom…so I think the preppiness to that monogram would be perfect. Please let me know! I’d love to order one 🙂 Thanks!

  6. the board and batten looks fabulous! i’m so excited to add it to my kids rooms too


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