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Quick and Easy Herb Garden

Quick and Easy Herb Garden

I wanted an herb garden badly this year. However, before I knew it, June rolled around and the herbs were quickly disappearing from the nurseries. I had to move quickly or it was going to be “another summer of wishing I had planted that garden.”  I knew I couldn’t go for a ground level herb garden (I am in full on war with the neighborhood rabbits this year.  It became Mr. McGregor vs. Peter Rabbit when I saw my mondo grass nibbled down to the roots.)  I decided to go the terra cotta pot route.  I found this plant stand from Lowes.


I liked it…but something was just so…blah. I decided the color of the terra cotta didn’t work well with the black and white porch. I was going for a cleaner style and decided painting them white would give them a clean, “French Provincial” look. I didn’t want to use regular latex paint on the pots (that would hinder the porous nature of the terra cotta and inevitably lead to bubbling and peeling of the paint.) So I broke out the good old Annie Sloan chalk paint in Pure White.

Immediately, I knew I made the right choice. (Extra bonus-the pots dried in under 10 minutes under the hot sun.) Next, I took painters tape and roughly made imperfect rectangles along each rim.

I brushed some chalkboard paint onto the open space.

And voila! The perfect way to label my little herb garden.


The whole thing was so easy and fast, I managed to throw it together before this little fella finished his lunch.


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  1. Looks great! I’m sure the kids would love helping with the garden too 🙂

  2. Love this cute little herb garden! I also like how you re-vamped it. Very clever and cute.

  3. Beautiful herb garden!

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