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When In Doubt, Paint Some Polka Dots On It.

When In Doubt, Paint Some Polka Dots On It.

In gearing up for my fall decorating, I knew I wanted to put a whimsical spin on my front door. My favorite form of whimsy? Black and white polka dots. I cannot get enough of them. I decided to put the pattern on some boring terra cotta pots.  In the right situation, I love an unpainted terra cotta pot…but this was not the right situation.  So, I went and found two pots from Home Depot.



I then gave each pot a coat of Thompson’s Water Seal (inside and out) to seal the pot.  This step is crucial if you plan to paint a pot that is used to hold a live plant.  Terra cotta is pourous, so when you water a plant in an unsealed pot that has been painted, the paint will eventually begin to peel off.  Sealing the pot with any type of deck sealer prevents this from happening.  This is what I used:


It goes on like spray paint and it very easy to use.  I waited about 24 hours after application (mostly because I ran out of time) and then applied black paint.  I used an indoor/outdoor paint by Rust-Oleum called “Painter’s Touch” in a glossy black.  I gave each pot a coat and let it dry.  (B helped out by drawing on the paper used to catch the paint.)


I then used white paint to paint the dots on.  Rather than use a stencil, I wanted the dots to have a handpainted, casual look.  I love the way they turned out.


 Had I purchased them already painted in a store, they surely would have cost me a pretty penny, and they were so easy to paint myself.   They are just what I needed to spruce up my fall decorating.

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