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Witches and Mums and Polka Dots…Oh my!

Witches and Mums and Polka Dots…Oh my!


I showed you all my painted pots…now here is the finished porch. 

B and I headed out to a local farmer’s market to purchase our cornstalks.  If you are local to the Lake Norman area, check out Josh’s Farmers Market in Mooresville. (It is right off of Williamson Rd.)  They have a great selection and the most reasonable prices in the area. They even tied the cornstalks up to the roof of my car so my car wouldn’t get dirty.  (Which I am sure they realized was completely pointless once they saw the smashed up Cheez Its all over the floorboards.)


Once we got home, I propped the cornstalks on either side of my front door and put white mums in the large urns.  My pumpkins got the same lift they did last year by placing them in tiny urns.  Although, this time, the pumpkins got monogrammed.  It makes all the difference.


I added in some white pumpkins to complement the white mums.


Last, I added the witch to the front door. Her black and white polka dot hat goes perfectly with the painted pots and I accomplished the whimsical feeling I was going for.


I will try to ignore the fact that squirrels come up onto my porch to sneak corn kernels that have dropped.  Anything for the sake of cuteness.

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