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Adorable Candle Accents for Under $10

Adorable Candle Accents for Under $10

For any party, it’s important to give attention to the small things. I truly believe the little details make a party go from good to great. The best part is that it’s so easy to do without spending a ton of money.

Candles bring a certain amount of “sparkle” to a party…they are a necessity. I love to decorate for parties with vellum wrapped candles. For a “Storybook” baby shower I had for a friend, I wanted to bring some sparkle to the “Peter Rabbit” table.  First, I found four of these clear cylinder vases from the Dollar Store.  I bought a pack of vellum (available at craft stores) and brought out my hot glue gun.  I found cute “Peter Rabbit” digital images in an Etsy shop.  I printed a picture on four sheets of vellum and typed quotes from the book to go along with each image.  It took a few times of printing to get the position of the image just right (a bit of trial and error.)

I made sure that each image lined up in the same position on each vase.  I wrapped the vellum around the vase and secured it with my hot glue gun.   I then glued a piece of ribbon to the top for a finished look.  (I like to pretend it was that flawless…but I burned myself.  Bad.  And sadly…that is nothing new.)

Once lit, the vellum and candlelight combination made a gorgeous glow and added so much to the tablescape.

For a bare entryway table, I printed “Once Upon a Time” onto vellum and cut the vellum into strips.  I then stained them with coffee (by simply “painting” coffee onto them and putting them out in the hot sun to dry.)  I wrapped mini glass candles (found at Michaels) in the coffee-stained vellum strips for an antique, “old storybook” look. Such a small detail that greeted guests and added ambience.

The best part? Both projects cost under $10 and were painless…minus the hot glue gun burn, of course.

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