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What the heck is SweetHoney?

What the heck is SweetHoney?

Just when I thought I had shopping all figured out, I had a little girl. There is the endless ‘problem’ of seeing too many cute things and then trying to resist the urge to buy another ruffle-covered-butt-bubble. Pretty simple, right? Then I discovered this little Facebook page called SweetHoney.  (I use the term ‘little’ loosely.)  When I first got the suggested page “Like” by a good friend, I peeked at it.  I saw a precious little dress.  “Oh,” I thought, “I am so getting this for G.”  Ever so casually I went to the website to purchase the dress….and it wasn’t there.  What?  There had to be a mistake.  I began searching the whole site.  I clicked the category tabs for “Dresses” “Pants” “Tops”….you name it.  There was not a single item listed on that website.  I figured they were having a website error.  Then, a few days later when another precious dress was posted, I saw what was really going on.  My jaw dropped.  Welcome to the world of girls’ clothing.

Apparently, twice a week, the owner of SweetHoney posts an outfit/dress to the Facebook page, then announces the time the outfit will be up for sale.  Women who want said outfit rush over to the website to buy it…and only a few get it.  Why?  Apparently, it is simply because the production is low and the demand is high….resulting in one heck of a desirable product.  Instantly, I was fascinated with both the clothing and the business model.  I decided I had to get in on this “competition” and get one. (P.S. This is not a promotional post. This is me being blown away by having to “relearn” how to shop for my child and dying to share the experience.)

Here are some examples of SweetHoney’s clothing:


Then, my chance came.  There was a precious bubble that I had to have.  It was going to be for sale that night at 8:00.  I sat at my computer, ten minutes till the big time and hit refresh nonstop.  “Oh, I’m so getting this,” I thought, smugly thinking of how I’d beat all the others who would be trying to order it later in the evening.  Refresh, refresh….then 8:00 hit.  There it was…the bubble was listed on the previously empty product page.  My adrenaline hit full force.  I furiously clicked my mouse….ORDER, ORDER!!!!!  Then, 6 months SOLD OUT popped on my screen.  What?  The website then crashed.  Finally I got back on.  I chose 12 months…and SOLD OUT…again.  No!! It was 8:03!!  In a state of desperation, I saw there was an 18 months left and I added that to my cart.  (This is where I clearly lost my marbles, as little G was no where NEAR 18 months and would clearly be in winter clothes by that point.)  But, I had to have it.  Click, click, I was getting through with this gorgeous outfit that would never fit my child when, BOOM…SOLD OUT popped on the screen as I was about to type in my credit card.  I slapped my keyboard in disgust.  I stormed upstairs to where my very reasonable, calm husband was quietly relaxing in his chair with a glass of bourbon.  “I need help,” I said, interrupting his moment of serenity.  He gave me his full attention, genuinely concerned.  I launched into my speech about the fabulous dress I had to get G and couldn’t, and gave some crazy “plan” as to how we could simultaneously be online trying to order the dress or bubble next time so I could get it….and he looked at me like I was nuts.  And then I realized, I was.

I knew I had to have it because I could not get it.  That is exactly what SweetHoney, along with several other lines I later discovered (such as Well Dressed Wolf) have built their business model on…and it is nothing short of sheer genius.  This is yet another example of how social media has changed the way we effectively brand, market, and sell a product.

That being said, my efforts were not fruitless.  I was finally able to score a SweetHoney outfit for little G.


I was pretty impressed with the quality when I received it…so for now, I’m going to keep on trying.

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  1. Elizabeth Ward says:

    How cute!! I am having a girl in September! I have a 2 year old boy that i already spent too much money on, now I am really in trouble!! I love your blog–in search for a monogram wall hanging for my nursery, I found your site! Then ironically I see your from Huntersville whick is where I spend my summers!! I will be ordering from you soon!! Thanks for the post–I enjoy reading them all!!

  2. If you SH and WDW, you should join their BST pages: SweetHoney Addicts and Well reDressed Wolf. There are great mamas on there that are guaranteed to help you out! Good luck on your first dress! We love our SweetHoney!

    • I joined!!! 🙂

      • This is hilarious! Been there, done that ,hubby thinks I’m crazy (but still agrees to be my “cart buddy”). I love SH and WDW! The Sassy Chic Boutique is amazing too. She is small right now with about 25,000 followers and only makes 50 to 100 dresses. It’s crazy how your heart beats way too fast right before 8:00, and then it’s over in less than a minute! 🙂 Good luck with your future purchases, mama!

  3. Jennifer says:

    If you like these styles, I found a custom dress maker who makes these styles and more! Check out bows by Burris on Facebook. She is awesome. Good luck.

  4. Jessica Brantley says:

    I am with you on this. Thanks for making me feel better about myself. My solution is to find what SH dress or Matlida Jane 😉 find the fabric, and make it myself. They are so easy to make. If I was setup to run a sewing room, I’d make my own little brand.

    • What methods do you use to figure out the fabrics? That is where I’m at momentarily….

      • Kellie, my company offers sourcing packages as well as development services and production. You can call us at 312.265.0900 if you’d like to schedule a consultation. Best of luck on your projects! 🙂

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  6. Hello,
    Please check out my Facebook page Magnolia Lake children’s clothing. I am a former accessory designer who just started a children’s clothing line after the birth of my daughter. I also have three sons. All of my limited designs incorporate either vintage lace trim or vintage fabric. Everything is handmade by me and I strive to make the most unique well made items for the little people in our lives. Our ready to ship line will be made in limited numbers (250 per color) and that is made in a factory. I only sell directly to customers and all items I personally make can be customized.
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    Alisha Welsh

  7. I will check it out!

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