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My Dining Room Design…All of the Painting and Gluing Craziness

My Dining Room Design…All of the Painting and Gluing Craziness

The ReStore ReStyle 2014 event is done and I had so much fun.  I am still so worn out from the chaos of the past two weeks.  I have done so many projects my head is spinning.  And now I want to break it all down for ya.  First off, here is the final product.  And…..yay!!!!  I am so thrilled with how it turned out.  It came out so much like my vision (minus the fact that I always imagine spaces to be bigger.)






It was quite the process getting there. I spent evening after evening in my garage “rehabbing” all of the furniture. I am so, so lucky to have the friends I do. They came to help me and to keep me company while I did it.

Here is my friend, Jen.  In this photo, she is ripping off layer after layer of AWFUL upholstery.  Whoever had these chairs before they donated them did a terrible job of trying to reupholster.   Instead of removing each layer of fabric before applying a fresh one…they simply threw the fabric onto whatever was there.  That meant Jen removed 3 or 4 layers of fabric PER CHAIR.  I am so thankful.


 Here’s my friend Kari, who sat with me in the garage many nights (wine and refinishing furniture, why not?)  She enlisted the help of her sweet father to head all the way down to the ReStore 3 towns away to pick up a china hutch that was too big to fit in my SUV.  They saved me!


And here is a shot of me with my sweet, amazing friends. Having their support means the world to me.


Ok, back to breaking it down. This…..


became this.  I stamped “Eat Drink And Be Merry” words onto each spoon.  I then painted the frame white and the backing with black chalk paint.  I used Gorilla Glue to attach the spoons to the frame.  The only spoons I could find at ReStore were stainless steel, and that is the hardest spoon to flatten (when doing a project like this, it is best to search for sterling silver.)  Somehow, after a lot of hammering, I got them flat enough to stamp.

When I was picking a piece up at the ReStore, I saw this sad fella laying there, just broken and dumped in the parking lot. “Is that a church pew?” I asked the man working the pick-ups. He informed me it had been recently dropped off in the lot, left outside as trash and had even been the victim of termite damage. In spite of its condition, I knew it was calling my name.


I scooped it up and the world’s best husband and I (yes, he is the best after the amount of stuff he had to do for me through all of this) treated it for termites. We then brought it home and my husband and I screwed the side of the pew back on and applied Gorilla Glue for additional strength. You could not even touch it without get a splinter, so I sanded it down. After that I gave it a whitewash with watered down Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Pure White.



And there it is in the background, against the “plate wall” with the whitewash treatment.   Somehow, it fit right in.


There is clearly a whole lot more that went into this design and I’m going to break it down in the next few posts. xoxo

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