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They’re Living in High Cotton

They’re Living in High Cotton



It’s a Southern term.  “Living in high cotton,” that is.  Cotton is such a staple of Southern history…sadly, I remember tuning out many a middle school history lesson regarding the importance of cotton in the South.  It’s funny…now as an adult, I have a genuine obsession with raw, natural cotton stems.  They are GORGEOUS to decorate with and I want them all over my house.  (Maybe if I would’ve known how beautiful it served as décor, I would have listened to the cotton history lesson or two when I was younger?)

I am getting some for my Christmas tree this year and have several stalks in vases.  I brought it to the Southern Nest booth at Sleepy Poet and can barely keep it in stock.  (I added it to the Southern Nest website  as well, if you are not local to Charlotte.)





Isn’t it gorgeous?

cotton field

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