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Tis the Season!

Tis the Season!

I am obsessed with gold. I mean it, I can’t stop. Gold everything, everywhere. Today I wrapped some gifts-of course, they had to be adorned with gold. My favorite thing to do is buy a long strand of over-the-top tinsel garland and cut pieces. I tie the piece to the top of the gift and voila! A fabulous gold gift topper.


I also made these gold glittered clothes pins for a recent event. I am so in love with them, I want to make more to hang Christmas cards and attach gift tags to presents. (Like I’ll ever have time to do it, but a girl can kid herself.)


I have been in the middle of addressing Christmas cards and discovered the greatest new function on my Silhouette. My friend Megan and I were talking about the “sketch pens” option for the machine and I decided I would give them a shot. They are AMAZING.  You simply type in the name and address of the recipient, put a Silhouette pen in the holder that normally holds a blade, and tweak a setting on the Silhouette program.  Seconds later, this happens.


I love it. I will have to break the steps for programming the machine down, as a few people on Instagram mentioned they just got a Silhouette. Definitely a good buy!

If y’all are on my Instagram, you have seen these pencils already. People have been going crazy over them! They are available right now at the Sleepy Poet if you are local to Charlotte. (Look for the Southern Nest booth on aisle 3.)

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I chose each quote myself…everyone close to me that read them knew that this has my name written all over it.

In other news, I cut my hair! Eeek!! I cut 6 inches off and it was liberating. I needed a change and I got one. B begged me not to do it and when I came home he looked relieved that I was “still the same mommy.”


Speaking of B….I used to laugh at the people that put a lot of effort into the Elf each year.  (I may have even rolled my eyes a few times.)  And now I am one of them. B gets so stinking excited when he sees what his little elf is up to…how can I not get into it? It really is hard to find clever activities for the elf to do…especially at the end of a long day. I found this cute picture on Pinterest and decided it was perfect.

elf snow angel

Aw…cute, right? Easy, right? I just got done doing it. This is what I have to show for it.  Pinterest fail.

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If anyone has any tips on how I can make him look more like a snow angel and less like I am getting him ready for a deep fry, do share.

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