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Tiffany Blue Party Favors

Tiffany Blue Party Favors

Good Lord, it’s been cold outside! We have been stuck in our house. Poor little B begged so long to go outside the other evening…I finally broke down. He was allowed to play in the freezing weather as long as he wore a coat, hat, etc. The child hates to wear a hat…and this was his solution. Clever huh? It’s an infant duck towel that B has repurposed as a “Super-Duck-Cape.” Or in this case, a substitute for a winter hat.  I wonder what our neighbors think sometimes.

Try not to be too jealous of our lawn, ok?  I’m so ready for Spring.


The next evening we got an extra special treat when our dear friends came to visit. We all had fun, but little Gigi especially enjoyed spending time with Uncle Jay.



And finally, I wanted to show y’all how I made these little Tiffany’s inspired party favors for Gigi’s party. They were so easy to make and they turned out so cute.



To make the Tiffany Blue chocolate covered Oreos, I purchased Wilton melting chocolate in blue, yellow, and white. I melted the colors together. To achieve the Tiffany blue color, around 75% of my chocolate was blue, around 15% was white, and around 10% yellow.


Then, I just dipped the Oreos into the mixture. I let the chocolate cool for a few seconds before dipping them. I wanted them to have an imperfect surface (and look hand-dipped.) I found that letting the chocolate cool slightly before dipping helped me get that look. Once they hardened, I put them in cellophane lollipop bags and tied them with a “Please Return to Georgia & Co.” tag I made on my computer. Keeping it one simple, clean item made them feel like charms.


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  1. Destini says:

    Can you give me a better understanding on the color ratio? The percentage’s are throwing me off. Thanks

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