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Instantly Glam a Room Up-Preppy Pattern Wall Decals

Instantly Glam a Room Up-Preppy Pattern Wall Decals

Something amazing happens in the moment that an imaginative thought becomes a reality.  That happened to me this week.

I started thinking about how I wanted to wallpaper a bathroom wall in a “punchy” and bold white and navy whale pattern.  One thought led to an other (as the ADD mind so often does) and before I knew it, I resolved to create a clean, easy, removable pattern for walls.  And voila.  The idea for Preppy Patterns was born and it became a reality this week.  I started testing the idea out in my dining room. It definitely needed something extra…I just couldn’t put my finger on it.  I decided on gold elephants (which was clearly the most obvious choice, right?)

I went with a smaller size decal and wanted the elephants to be very symmetrical to make a clean pattern.  I took my level and drew a straight line in pencil across the area I wanted them.  (Pardon the “painted-on” level and low lighting.)



I made marks horizontally along my straight line (in six inch increments)-this is where I planned to place the elephants.  I simply put the decals onto the wall along my marks (they are literally just “peel-and-stick-easy.”)  I next plotted the line above my current row of elephants by measuring six inches above each elephant already placed and then making a mark.



I used the level to once again draw a straight line among my next sets of “marks”-I wanted to make sure the elephants were perfectly straight across.  (Make sure to draw the straight line prior to putting your decals on the wall.  See how my elephant all the way to the left is raised up a bit?  (Photo below.)  Drawing the line prior to placing your decal keeps that from happening.  Luckily, I was able to just scoot that little elephant right back down to where he needed to be.)


And this was the result:

You know that moment…that “eureka” moment?!? I had it. I stepped away from the wall and started jumping around. I realized what it really was…an INEXPENSIVE, non-permanent alternative to a bold wallpaper. I had to calm myself down enough to put a production plan in place (and when I say calm down, I am not exaggerating.) And that was the beginning of Southern Nest Preppy Pattern Wall Decals™.


While I love the clean look of the perfectly spaced decals, I also love a casual, “relaxed” look…one that also requires no measuring. (I seriously HATE measuring.) So I tackled a wall in our family/man/play room upstairs to test out the “Black Lab” pattern I had in mind.  (This room…the one with the thousands of paint swatches on the wall and the sleepy black dog in the hallway.  Perfect.)


I sat and thought…how can I make it easy for people to know EXACTLY how many decals they needed and never have to measure if they didn’t feel like it? And BAM….painter’s tape. It’s cheap, usually laying around the house, and removes easily. I plucked small pieces of painter’s tape off. (I didn’t do any certain length…I knew they needed to be somewhere in the range of 1″ to 3″-ish so that I could get the idea of WHERE I wanted decals.
I stepped away to look at the wall and would scoot pieces of the tape into places I thought it should go.  Boy did it work. I thought I would need a ton of decals. By the time I had all of my painter’s tape pieces up, I realized one set of 50 would be more than enough.  I placed my “Black Lab” small decals roughly in the same spot I had the painter’s tape.  I ended up with this:

black labs 2

I didn’t measure a darn thing this time. I just peeled them off and stuck them up there. It’s a different look than the carefully placed elephants…but it was so easy.

black labs 4

black labs

And our sweet Cody sure approved of the black dogs.

black labs 3

So here are some key take away points:

It DOES NOT leave a residue behind…regardless of how long you leave them residue

While it is removable, it is not intended to be reusable. Intend on a one time use.

The finish on the decals is matte, so they look like wallpaper. They have no shine to them.

Don’t take this seriously or be intimidated. Have fun with the pattern…there is no wrong way or right way to put your pattern up.

There are two ways to create your pattern: those who enjoy a seamless, precise look will like the method of measuring decal placement. And for those of you who just want to wing it-just go for it! (Using the painter’s tape is a great tool for determining how many packs you need to buy for your space.) To get yours and scope out the patterns: Southern Nest Preppy Patterns Wall Decals

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  1. Erika O. Vause says:

    omg LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I will be doing this in our hall bathroom…. Been toying on what to do bze three of the walls are white and the fourth wall is the “accent” wall and painted in deep fire engine red… Love it but again had no clue on what to do…. Well now I do

  2. Looks fantastic. You did a great job. What is the colour of the wall paint used in conjunction with the elephant decals? It looks like a fantastic contrast.

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