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A bundt cake fixes everything.

A bundt cake fixes everything.

We had such a fun day. It was the birthday of one of my dear friends, so we headed over to Birkdale Village for lunch at Zoe’s….kids in tow. 

B, Gigi, and I went to Nothing Bundt Cakes to get the birthday girl a cake. Y’all, this place is ridiculously amazing. I cannot believe how good the cakes taste.  

We had a hard time choosing one, but we ultimately decided on the Chocolate-Chocolate Chip Cake. It was amazing. 

We had quite the group of kids with us. We were a spectacle, I am sure. Luckily we got the little ones to calm down by dangling this pretty bundt cake in front of them.



  It was precious when we all sang happy birthday to Lindsay. The tiny, sweet voices of the little kids singing…there is just something beautiful about the way our lives have changed and that was one of those symbolic moments you want to bottle up and remember. 


After we left lunch, the kids and I headed to Statesville so that I could get adjusted at the chiropractor. I literally drive 40 minutes away to see this man-he is so wonderful. If you are in the area, his name is Steve Binder. I have no clue why I waited to go for so long (I think it almost scared me to go).  I have no back pain anymore…I wish I had done this ages ago.

We came home and the kids wanted to go in the sprinkler and I broke down. 


I am obsessed with this adorable bathing suit. It’s from Target! It’s hot pink with little parrots all over it. It’s just fabulous.


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