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Gators, wine, and salty air

Gators, wine, and salty air

Hilton Head is the ideal vacation spot for me. I like to explore nature…but then I want to go home and swim in the pool, drink wine, and eat oysters.

We’ve gotten our taste of both nature and glamour today. It’s our last day here, so we wanted to make it extra special.

We spent the morning at the Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge-it was amazing.  We saw tons of gorgeous birds and baby alligators sunning themselves.  To let the kids explore the marshes…that was a real treat.  

We stopped into Barnacle Bill’s to pick up some fresh seafood to make tonight-I am so excited to try my hand at making mussels. 

I (purposely) left my laptop at home, so I can’t upload any ‘real’ pics yet.  The boys are on the beach, Gigi is napping, and I am having a quiet moment. It’s fabulous.


(If only this were my view every day.)


Look at this alligator in the lagoon below me. It’s such a creepy sight, but he seems harmless. Still, it’s a little jarring.


I also wanted to show y’all this cute bracelet I found at a little boutique here. It’s by Lenny & Eva-I just fell in love with it.  (I’m not normally into butterflies, but the quote was amazing.)  There are tons of different quotes and styles. You choose your leather bracelet color and then choose your adornment.  I’m already browsing the other attachment options!

Tomorrow is back to reality. Bittersweet-we will be thrilled to see our dogs and sleep in our own beds. But….oh how we love this place.

P.S. Blogging from an iPhone is the most annoying thing ever.

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