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Warm days, Mason Jars, and Slip and Slides

Warm days, Mason Jars, and Slip and Slides

We’re settling into summer mode quite well over here.  The past week has been so flipping hot that we have been going through water bottles like crazy.  I finally went out and bought another water dispenser (I broke my others.)  I found it at Target….isn’t it adorable?  With the chalkboard label and bulky size, it was love at first sight.  It’s had a permanent home on our kitchen counter….everyone’s been thankful to have icy water to cool down in this heat.


I wanted to get some new mason jars. I found these green jars online at Amazon. They are HUGE and I love that they are green-a total throw back to the vintage jars. I think they are limited edition, so scoop them up while they are in stock.




I’m in love with this little swimsuit I found for Gigi at Target. It is so precious on her!



On Memorial Day, we headed to our neighborhood pool for the earlier part of the day.  When it was time to head home for Gigi’s naptime, we wanted to do something special for B.  We decided to make a HUGE slip and slide in our yard.  (We have NO hill, but what the heck…why not let him at least slide around on it?)  We got a huge plastic painter’s drop cloth and some dish soap and went to town getting it sudsy for him.  He had a field day.



We may not have a hill, but B sure has an awesome uncle who jumped right in with him and made it extra fun.



Gigi sat this one out, but the boys provided her with the entertainment.

We’re in the middle of the crazy wedding madness over here at Southern Nest.  Megan and I have been working hard.  It’s funny how holiday weekends used to be my favorite thing…but when you are the one running the business, they send you into crazy panic mode.  Giving up a workday was relaxing, but playing catch up makes it so hard.

I am super excited about these new cake toppers we have.  I am ordering some for B and Gigi’s birthday cakes. (Click here to check them out.)

Hope y’all are staying cool and enjoying the beginning of summer as much as we are!



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