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Chandelier Flowers and Pretty Wine

Chandelier Flowers and Pretty Wine

On Saturday mornings, we have been running up to the Farmer’s Market in Davidson. If you have not been, you definitely need to try it out. I love to get flowers from there-they’re a great price and absolutely gorgeous. They stay fresh all week (they start to wilt just in time for me to get my next “Saturday-morning-bouquet.”)  I can have fresh flowers in the house all the time without spending an arm and a leg.

My “wilty” bouquet was even still so pretty…just when it was time to throw it out, I had an idea.

I pulled all of the long, tall flowers (leave it to me not to even know the name of them) and brought them outside. We were having our dinner outside that day and I thought it might be cute to hang them from the outdoor chandelier to serve as the “centerpiece.”


I bent each stem around the arms of the chandelier and used floral tape to hold them in place.  They mimicked crystals and were perfect for being outdoors.


Once I was finished, I loved how it looked.

David came home with this bottle of wine for me.  It was so pretty and pink I (almost) didn’t want to open the bottle.  It had a pink glass “cork.”  I’m such a dork…I even got a little excited that it coordinated with my little flower project.  (Don’t worry, I’m rolling my eyes at myself on that one, too.)  It was crisp and delicious-absolutely perfect for the hot day we had.  Definitely give it a try.



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