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My sweet boy.

My sweet boy.

Everyone has a moment, right in the middle of a crazy, busy day, when their child stops them in their tracks and forces them to drink life in. This was mine.  I walked outside to this image and ran to grab my camera.  Luckily he was in the exact same spot and I caught the moment.  He captured two tiny frogs, put them in a mason jar, and peered over the backyard deep in thought.  For some reason, seeing this made it hit me…he is four.  Just my sweet, tiny, four year old boy.  He is challenging me every single day.  But he will never, ever be four again.  One day he will not notice the frogs that hop by him.  One day our backyard will appear less interesting and not nearly as adventuresome.  But that day isn’t today.  And for that, I am thankful.  He reminded me to drink it ALL in.

A little while later, he returned into the house, running into my office full of excitement. “Mom! Come see my pets!” I figured he was talking about the frogs, ready to tell him to get them out of the house (because that would NOT be a first.)  I walked into the kitchen and he sat proudly with a container full of flowers. I asked him what it was and he proudly announced that he caught three “pet” Japanese Beetles. He told me he even got them “flowers as food.” (He heard me complaining about them eating my roses.) I looked closer at the container and realized he plucked every single flower from my gardenia bush to put in the Rubbermaid container for those stupid beetles. I wanted to cry. But then I saw how proud he was.

The gardenias will bloom again. But, he will never be four again.

IMG_8259My cup runneth over.

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