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Vintage Soda Crates Storage, Beach Music, and a Scare

Vintage Soda Crates Storage, Beach Music, and a Scare

What a week this has been!

We had such a fun weekend.  We spent Saturday at our friends’ annual pool party and on Sunday went to see “Band of Oz” playing at Davidson’s Concert on the Green.  It was HOT.  Like the intolerable kind of hot.  But our kids danced and we had quality family time, so it was all worth it.  (Plus, if you have never gone to a beach music concert, you must.  Seeing the whole center area filled with people doing the Shag is awesome.  If you aren’t from the South and don’t know what the Shag is, Google the term.  I learned that not everyone understands “shagging” the same way when I recently invited a couple from a state north of the Mason-Dixon line to take Shagging lessons with us.  That was a fun conversation!)

You can see in the pic below…it was painfully hot.
This is how B sat with my phone. When did he turn 15?

On Tuesday, Gigi spiked a fever and was diagnosed with an ear infection and a virus and started antibiotics.  By Wednesday, they both had high fevers and spent the day on “their sick cloud”…aka blankets piled up in front of the TV to form a cushy cuddling spot.  You just feel so helpless when they are in that state.

Today, I woke up feeling terrible.  Of course, when the babies are sick, mommy always catches it.  I worked on Southern Nest stuff all morning until Gigi broke out in hives this afternoon.  Hives!  This is a first for me.  I was scared to death.  Turns out, she is allergic to the antibiotics and we will be giving her Benadryl until they are out of her system.  By the evening, she was her usual perky self.

Being stuck in the house for a few days (and “on-call” as Nurse Mommy) afforded me the opportunity to take pictures of some of my recent projects.   (It kept me busy while my tiny patients were watching Toy Story.)

This use of vintage storage crates is one of my favorite projects.  My husband has so many ties, belts, and cufflinks…and frankly, I already overrun the place on accessory storage.  There was never a good way for us to store his stuff.  One day, I saw a photo of ties in old soda crates and I knew that was our answer.  I hunted until I found two crates that were a color scheme that was friendly to the current style of our master bedroom.  When I found them, I bent paper clips into a “U” shape and flattened the sides out (as seen below.)  I used Gorilla Glue to keep the wire on the crate and hung them on the wall.  It worked like a charm.




I love how it looks and David loves that he can find his things when he needs them. Now, our closet is a different story….






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