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White Subway Tile-How I gave my kitchen a complete face-lift….using a pair of scissors.

White Subway Tile-How I gave my kitchen a complete face-lift….using a pair of scissors.

Oh my goodness. I can finally stop a moment and take a breath. Late this summer, monogram sales boomed (I am so very thankful) and I haven’t had a second to take a break and share my very favorite project with you all. It has been number one on my things I am excited to talk about.  A while back, I read about a product called Smart Tiles. They are literally peel-and-stick tiles….wait till you see what I did.

Remember my kitchen before I painted my kitchen cabinets? If not, here are the before and after photos from that post.



The white cabinets were a wonderful way to brighten the kitchen….but something has always been missing-the back splash.  It is the one thing I always had on my to-do list.  Anytime someone would walk into my  kitchen and kindly compliment it, the first thing out of my mouth was “thank you, but we need back splash!”  It just never found its way to the front of our seemingly never ending list of things to spend money on.  I started to research Smart Tiles and quickly realized that it was my solution.  I contacted the company and arranged to redo my kitchen with their product.  I was lucky enough that they comped me the product itself in exchange for reviewing how I, just a girl with a crazy schedule and two tiny kids was able to completely transform my kitchen in one evening.  Yes, one evening.  I am OBSESSED with this stuff.

I got my package and opened it immediately excited.  I had no clue what to expect.  I pulled it out and saw these tile sheets.  I was floored…how was this going to work?  Then I touched the surface of each sheet and I immediately understood.  The surface is constructed of a gel like material that resembles glass to the touch.  Because it is the company’s patented gel structure and not actual glass, you can cut it with scissors.



I got all of my tools ready.  Here they are.  Yup, that’s all I needed.  (And the wine is optional, but recommended.)


I put my kids to bed and came down and grabbed this “before” shot of my kitchen.  And I got to work.  I’d like to pretend I made lots of fancy steps in getting this up….but the truth is, I just peeled the backing off and stuck them on my wall.  I wiped my walls down well with a cleaner first to make sure they had a clean surface to adhere to.  I had a level ready, but didn’t even need to use it as they lined up seamlessly with the counter tops.  The pieces fit together like a puzzle.  I worked my way around the kitchen, cutting the tile sheets when I needed to put it around outlets and light switches.  I started at about 8:30 and by about 11:00 I was done.  It was one of the easiest things I had ever done.  So this is how it looked when I started….


And my family came down to this the next morning.


The tiles looked shiny and gleaming.  They added that final sparkle I needed in my kitchen.






Everyone who walks into the kitchen is FLOORED to learn that they are not actually glass.   They clean up magnificently….and trust me, I’ve gotten my share of spaghetti sauce on them.  I didn’t need to use cement or grout…the whole thing was so easy.  I’ve had them up a while now and they have performed beautifully.  Now, when someone compliments my kitchen, I can simply say, “thank you.”  I am beyond excited to get them into other rooms in my house.  To get more information on them or get yours, you can go to Smart Tiles here.



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  1. Your backsplash looks amazing. I had read a post by another blogger recently who also created a great transformation using Smart Tiles. Your post inspired me to order some samples and place this project on our “to do” list. Not having a backsplash in our kitchen has bugged me for years, so perhaps this will be a more affordable way to go. Thanks so much for sharing your review of this product.

  2. This looks amazing!! I am so glad I saw this blog article! I have been wanting a back splash for years but also wanted an easy way for a work from home mom to get it done! I can’t wait to order mine and give it a try! I hope it turns out as beautiful as yours did!

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