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My Life Changing Moment with Marie Kondo

My Life Changing Moment with Marie Kondo

Ok…I don’t know where to start. For the past few months, I have been completely wrapped up in applying the Marie Kondo method to my house. My ENTIRE house. It has changed me in ways I didn’t even fathom were possible. This is my first post talking about my “Kondo” experience…because there is a lot to tell.

One day this past summer, I was on the Facebook page of a mom’s group I’m in. One of the ladies had purchased one of my monograms and posted a picture of it with a caption that said something about decorating her daughter’s room and the Marie Kondo method. It immediately caught my attention because of the monogram. After I thanked her, another thing caught my eye. Her closet. It looked immaculate. Curious, I googled “Marie Kondo.” A slew of information and videos came up. Everyone seemed to be raving about the folding method, so I thought, why not? I watched one of the how-to videos on how to fold a shirt. We were bored, stuck inside the house (it was one of those boiling hot summer days where you don’t show your face outside until evening) so B laid there watching the video with me. I watched it a few times and figured I would give it a whirl.  I opened one of David’s t-shirt drawers, and of course, it looked like this.   Shirts askew, having been pushed aside while searching for a shirt underneath…it was not an atypical way to find a t-shirt drawer using my “old” method of folding.


So, I got started and my little buddy, B, sat there playing with my phone and taking pictures of the dog, his sister, me…everything in the room.  He took about a million pictures of me while I was folding and I am so glad he did that.  While searching for photos for this post, I found a few that were hilarious and so typical of my life.  They are grainy, but I had to share them.

I started folding the shirts (which, now that I actually KNOW the method, I was doing completely wrong.)  I was determined to get this folding method down…notice the little toddler feet standing as my audience.


My “audience” decided to hop onto the shirt before I could even finish. Why? Because why not. It sounded like a fun idea.



And this is the photo I cracked up at. If you’re a mom, you know this moment. The “I was on the brink of doing something that was totally going to be miraculous and *BAM* kid smashes it” moment.


And this is the blank “I don’t even know what to say, so go ahead and dance on the shirt and I’ll just sit here and never get anything done” face.


Then B got up and decided to join in on the t-shirt stomp, at which point, I just had to laugh. And grab a pic.  I like these pictures because they are so representative of how seemingly impossible it feels to go through a giant overhaul of your home with small children.  I will be the first to tell you: it’s not.


Eventually, I got the kids distracted and managed to finish folding the shirts from that drawer.  This is what I wound up with:


Shocked at how much room I had left, I pulled out another drawer full and folded those as well.


Intrigued at my result, I pulled the book up on Amazon and placed my order.  I had been feeling generally overwhelmed by my entire house, the clutter, and how to manage everyone’s things.  I felt like I was just swimming in “stuff” and my head spun to even think about trying to organize it.   I kept thinking “where do I even start?”

Then the book came.  And my entire life changed after that.  And, y’all, I’m not the kind of person that runs and buys a self-help book.  Between the kids and running Southern Nest, I have zero free time to read.  I don’t know why this book grabbed me….but I am so glad it did.


I carved out a little section of time each evening where I would commit to reading this book.  I started doing that and I could not put it down.  I found myself reading it in quick spurts throughout the day.  It calmed me.  For some reason, I just knew this was the answer, the plan for how I was feeling.  Her method was so simple and made so much sense.  Her basic principle, as quoted from her book, is “Effective tidying involves only two essential actions: discarding and deciding where to store things.  Of the two, discarding must come first.”

I’ll get into her method further in upcoming posts.  But I’ll leave you with the first step I accomplished on my tidying-journey: my closet.  It looked like this: (don’t judge me)


And finished like this.

The craziest part?  I did this 5 months ago and it still looks EXACTLY like this.  I cannot wait to share the Marie Kondo method, how I got on track (having zero time) and the effect it had on me.

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