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Life Lately

Life Lately

Good GOSH. Pregnancy with baby number three has been no joke.  Gigi is right in the middle of her “terrible two’s” phase and it is wearing me out.  She looks so innocent, but man does this girl have some spunk.



By the end of the day I can barely stand up….I’m just so tired!  Things have been insane over the past month.  First, we’re making room for the newest member of our family.  That means redecorating four rooms.  When we found out we were pregnant, we decided we needed to get practical with making life easier for us and for making our home work for us.  We decided to get rid of the dining room and turn it into a playroom.  We used the dining room once a year and I always wanted the playroom downstairs.  Now, we needed an extra bedroom, so it was a no-brainer.  I’m almost done with the playroom, then it’ll be time to move onto B’s room.  (He’ll be moving into the old manroon/playroom.  He’s stoked.)  In the middle of all the moving around of the first room, the stomach bug hit our house.  What a NIGHTMARE.  I was the first to get it, then every single person in our family got it.  Thankfully (knock of wood) it is out of here and I can catch up on all of the things I normally do.

We so enjoyed an early taste of  warm weather this month.  We went for a walk on the nearby farm and just enjoyed being outside.


The kids have been excitedly getting ready for “Bean” (that’s the nickname we’ve given the baby until we have a name.)  Both kids have been fascinated by my growing belly.  Good thing I have a mini doctor to check on me throughout the day. 🙂


I added some new Dachshund decals to the Preppy Pattern Decals (I just love them!) and this style pineapple for the front door.


Tomorrow I’ll be shipping out orders, dying eggs with the kids, and preparing for Easter (we’re hosting both families here and we’re so excited!)  I hope you all have an amazing Easter!

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