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Sea Salt for Eczema

Sea Salt for Eczema


photo via New York Daily News

It seems like every parent I talk to deals with eczema. Both of my kids get it, but poor B gets it the worst. I often hear about tons of treatments and we have found things to help, but nothing ever seems to be a drastic improvement. One day, I was thinking about how my mother always said that when we went to the beach, my little brother (who also suffered from eczema) had almost all of his eczema go away. I started to google it and found one article in Allergic Living that caught my interest.  Dr. Douglas Leavengood, a Mississippi based allergist, told Allergic Living that he noticed that many of his young patients who suffered from eczema would see an improvement in their condition after spending time in the ocean.  He began recommending nightly sea salt baths for his patients (dumping about a handful in the bathtub.)  He sees a rapid improvement in the condition.  You can find the entire article here: Using Sea Salt for Eczema Control.

I decided to try this for B.  I was about to order some sort of fancy Dead Sea salt from Amazon, but decided to try the less expensive route first to see if it would go over well.  I got a container of regular Sea Salt (not Table Salt) from the grocery store and began putting a handful in B’s baths.  I have been doing it for a week and already see a dramatic improvement in his eczema.  When I asked him today how his skin felt, his exact words were “I’m not itchy anymore!”


I wanted to be sure to share this with you all.  It’s such an affordable, simple remedy to try for the tiny sufferers of this condition.

This is the Sea Salt we are currently using: Sea Salt and the one I am going to try next Bokek Dead Sea Salt.*

*Apparently, there are lots of companies selling variations of Sea Salt using “Dead Sea” as part of their marketing, while the salt is not actually from the Dead Sea.  Dead Sea Salt is notoriously rich in its mineral content;  if you are looking for one of these salts, be sure to read up on them before you make the purchase.  They can be costly and you want to make sure you are getting a genuine product.  Bokek seemed to be one of the companies that appears authentic when I was researching (I’m sure there are many more.)


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  1. Elisha Savino says:

    Thank you for sharing this, my daughter also suffers from eczema. I can’t
    Wait to try the sea salt baths with her.

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