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Southern Spring…Can we just live outside?

Southern Spring…Can we just live outside?

The weather has been absolute perfection lately.  Everything is in full bloom and it’s warm and breezy.  We have been outside nonstop.  This guy mastered the “no training wheels” move, and he hasn’t looked back since.

IMG_5147Baby Shep is at that perfect age right now.  He is doing his “slithering crawl” to get around, but he is content with things like sitting on the porch.  We’ve made it our daily late afternoon routine to sit out front while the big kids ride bikes and scooters and I have a glass of Prosecco.  We wait on daddy to get home this way…it kills the time that is inevitably that antsy “just before dinner” restlessness kids seem to get.  And I find it to be pure bliss.  It’s the little things in life.  🙂
IMG_5163I saw him scoot to the railing and peer through, watching his brother on his bike with the sweetest expression.
IMG_5180Don’t you love all the pollen on the porch?  That stuff is ruthless.
IMG_5190Gigi has been up to her same shenanigans.  She loves to sit outside and paint.  Art projects seem to be her thing-she is so content if she is able to paint.  (Sound familiar?)  I am in the middle of lacquering this little green table to a shiny white (if it could just have no kiddie paint on it for five minutes.)

And what’s stinking cuter than a baby in a bucket?  Nothing.


We got this tub for the kids to start their own little tomato and strawberry garden (their choices) and we realized Shep fit inside perfectly.  So, before we set the garden up, we gave him his own little bath/mini pool while the big kids ran in the sprinkler.  He loved every second of it.

Especially once Gigi climbed in with him.

On another note-do y’all remember my OBSESSION with finding a replica of the “Bird Girl” statue in Savannah?  I have been hunting and hunting and could not find a replica under $600.  And let’s be real…I frequently hear a crashing sound followed by “I’m sorry, Mom, it was an accident!”  Spending that on a statue was not my reality.  The other day I was going down the road on the way to pick B up from school and almost lost it.  There, on some random lot on the side of the road, was a SLEW of statues with a giant “FOR SALE” sign and a phone number.  And there…in the middle…..was my “Bird Girl.”  She is not the exact replica, but close enough.  I turned around and called the number-the guy said he was five minutes away and would meet me up there.  He knocked it down to half price for me because apparently he dropped her and her head fell off (what???!) so I got my Bird Girl for…$30.  Dying.  I have literally been searching for years.  I stuck her head back on with a little concrete glue and all is right in the world.  (You see her there between the two trees?  I will have to get a close up shot of this thing tomorrow.)  It’s embarrassing how excited I am about it.

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