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Once upon a reality.

Once upon a reality.

My gosh.  This is probably the first time I sat down in front of my computer and just decided to do what I wanted to do…no work or scheduling things for the family.

That’s what this is. “Charming Little Nest” has always been around to serve as my creative outlet.  Eventually CLN grew and evolved into Southern Nest and  I began to tell myself I could not write “till my chores were done”-like all the tiny joys that went along with running a business.  Charming Little Nest became a part of the business and no longer was allowed to be the spot I played in.  That spot I went to when I wanted to let my hair down and just pour it out there.

And, I don’t like sacrificing that.  So, here I am.

All day long I am asked for things by three different tiny people.  Y’all…they ask for a lot.  Like A LOT.  I know we all joke about it, but holy cow, why do our kids feel the need to do this?   Sometimes, I will just get Shep down for a nap and be walking down the stairs, and I see B or Gigi notice me walking by.  I glance the other way in the hope that they won’t ask for something, but that doesn’t work.  I can see it click the second they spot me.  There’s mom.  Crap, think quick…what can I ask her for?

Inevitably, I am then serving grapes in tiny bowls and pouring water into sippy cups, later facing the “I said I wanted milk” meltdown of the year…when all I wanted to do was go email Mary Smith back and let her know her order was headed her way.  This is the reality of doing what I do.  Running a business with kids at home.  It’s tough.

I posted a picture the other day on Facebook.  It was a real moment I snapped.  I had just finished lunch for all the kids.  Briggs and Georgia began to fight and were both sent to time-out.  I took a wriggling, spaghetti-sauce-covered Shep upstairs for a bath and let the older two out of their rooms.  Georgia emerged with a tube of Butt Paste in hand, having smeared it down her leg, while Briggs came from his room donning a new look as well.  I sat down in the hallway, thinking “literally, this is just unreal at this point.”  And I then snapped this picture.

You can’t make this crap up. If you ever wonder why I take forty years to respond to texts, messages, whatever…this. Is. Why. #spaghetticoveredshep #buttpastegeorgia #donkey? 😂

I don’t have a lot of pretty decorating things to show you today.  But I still wanted to write.  And say to all the moms with little kids out there, you are not alone.  We want to savor these moments but we yearn for the moment to actually savor it.

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