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Organize Coupons

How many expired coupons have you thrown away recently? Honestly? I’ve thrown away so many coupons lately it’s sad. And I don’t mean the “coupon for that random bagel place I’ll never try,” but coupons for products I actually use. That’s bad. With all of the “coupon mania” craze, I started to save some coupons […]

Cleaning Wood Floors

My floors have never been so clean. I am serious. When we built our house, we chose deep “espresso” colored wood flooring. We loved the way it turned out, but realized they were difficult to keep clean. Two years later, throw another dog and a toddler into the mix…and forget it. You can imagine my […]

Cleaning Your Diamond Ring

Hey ladies…looking for a quick way to clean your bling? (Of course I had to include this whopper from Tiffany’s in this post.) When you don’t have time to get your diamond ring cleaned professionally, drop a little liquid dish soap on it, rub it a little with your finger, then rinse. The soap cuts […]

Organizing My Pantry

After I had my baby, it became difficult to find the time to do basic cleaning, let alone organizing. Now that he is a little more independent (and takes good naps) 🙂 I am tackling each of the neglected spots in my house. It’s amazing how “out of control” the stuff can get! Today’s project: […]

Make cleaning dishes easier!

I went through a phase where I refused to boil pasta or potatoes because I could not stand to clean the dishes afterwards. You know what I’m talking about-that slick….dare I say it….slimy feel that boiling a carbohydrate leaves on your strainer, pots, etc. You scrub and scrub only to find after rinsing that you […]

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