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The Glassware That Took My Breath Away

The Glassware That Took My Breath Away

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Ok, so maybe I am a little dramatic.  However, it did in fact happen-I found drinking glasses that were so, well, perfect, they took my breath away. These are the drinking glasses our family has used for several years: Don’t get me wrong, they were cute and I always liked the unique shape of them.  However, they [...]

Lollipop Tutorial-Candyland Birthday Party

Lollipop Tutorial-Candyland Birthday Party


Pin It I have received several requests and e-mails asking how to make the giant Candyland lollipops I made for B’s Candyland First Birthday Party.  I finally made the tutorial!  Here it is, step by step, complete with pictures. Tools for one “Lollipop”: Hot glue gun Spray Adhesive (found mine in a craft store)  Red Duct Tape (found [...]

An Italian Dinner Party at the Baynes

We are part of a “Supper Club” and once a month we gather with our friends for a dinner party. Each dinner party has a theme that the menu is based around. Thanks to my friend Jackie, I experienced my first Italian “Sunday Dinner.” It was amazing. Between the candles and the smell of the [...]

A Candyland Birthday Party

A sweet first birthday party for our little boy! It was a day filled with family, friends, bubbles, candy, and fun! I wrapped giant whirly pops and placed them everywhere. Briggs gasped when he saw the tents and balloons going up: A lollipop garland:Entry to the party: “Lollipop Row.” He ran up and down the [...]

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