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Adorable Candle Accents for Under $10

Adorable Candle Accents for Under $10


For any party, it’s important to give attention to the small things. I truly believe the little details make a party go from good to great. The best part is that it’s so easy to do without spending a ton of money. Candles bring a certain amount of “sparkle” to a party…they are a necessity. I [...]

Quick and Easy Dinners-Sunday Meal Planning

Quick and Easy Dinners-Sunday Meal Planning


Every Sunday, I “meal plan” for the week.  It keeps me feeling organized through the week, limits trips to the grocery store, and keeps me from scrambling to find something for dinners last minute.  During today’s “meal planning” I realized how much time it takes to comb through recipes finding the perfect ideas for dinner.  [...]

The Glassware That Took My Breath Away

The Glassware That Took My Breath Away

glasses 2

Ok, so maybe I am a little dramatic.  However, it did in fact happen-I found drinking glasses that were so, well, perfect, they took my breath away. These are the drinking glasses our family has used for several years: Don’t get me wrong, they were cute and I always liked the unique shape of them.  However, they [...]

Table Settings for Thanksgiving Dinner

Are you hosting Thanksgiving dinner? We are, so I am perusing some of my favorite sites looking for table scape ideas and want to share them with you all! Pears seem to be popping up on tables everywhere this season! I love the pairing of the rustic tag and pear with the elegant pattern shown [...]

Halloween Party Decorating: An Eerie Table

Planning on how to decorate your table for a Halloween party? Try this! I covered my table in a plain, inexpensive black table cloth and draped cheesecloth over it. I gently tugged the cheesecloth to create “tears” in it. This gives the illusion of ragged clothes and spider webs. You can find the cheesecloth at [...]

An Italian Dinner Party at the Baynes

We are part of a “Supper Club” and once a month we gather with our friends for a dinner party. Each dinner party has a theme that the menu is based around. Thanks to my friend Jackie, I experienced my first Italian “Sunday Dinner.” It was amazing. Between the candles and the smell of the [...]

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